Administration on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products

Administration on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products

After nearly two years of waiting, MIIT has announced a NEW draft revision of China RoHS for public comment. Comments must be made by July 10, 2012. Buy the English Translation of the revised draft, "Measures for Administration of the Pollution Control of Electronic and Electrical Products".

MIIT Announces the development of a voluntary certification scheme for China RoHS! Buy the English Translation of the announcement and directive to certifying organizations and laboratories, "Implementation Opinion on the Uniform Government Promotion of Electronic Information Products' Pollution Control Voluntary Certification".

At Last! Buy the English Translation of the FINAL EFUP guidance document, SJ/Z 11388-2009 General Guidelines of Environment-friendly Use Period of Electronic Information Products.

Visit our China RoHS Documents Page! All the documents you need, clearly organized

Key Differences between China RoHS and EU RoHS:

  • The scope is different
  • The requirements are different
  • There are no exemptions ... for phase 1
  • The proposed exemptions for phase 2 are a SUBSET of EU RoHS exemptions
  • Labels, marks, and disclosure are required
  • The concept of "Put on the market" is different
  • The penalties are different
  • The responsibilities dictated by the law are different
  • Material testing down to the homogeneous materials in every single part you use to build your product may be required
  • The regulation has been in force since March 1, 2007
  • You will have to design labels and issue change orders in order to comply
  • The standards that you have to comply with are now available

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   State Council of the Chinese Government Decree #551, the Regulations on Recovery Processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products